Cleaning the fridge

3 Apr

The boyfriend is out of town, so I decided to give his apartment a deep clean while it was empty. We eat dinner at the dinner table every night, and it had become so cluttered with junk mail and whatnot that I barely had room for the serving ware anymore. I also wanted to dig through his fridge and make sure no food was going to waste while he was gone.

He actually did a pretty good job of eating or freezing all of his perishables before he left. I only saw one major problem: mixed greens. He had two containers of mixed greens, and I know that just two weeks ago I threw out another. Mixed greens are meant to be eaten fresh, so preserving them is a challenge. What to do?

I made pesto. Garlicky, garlicky pesto that I know the boy will love to eat on his burgers. Here’s a rough recounting of the process, recipe format:

2 bags mixed greens
1 bunch cilantro
about 5 tsp garlic (I kept adding more so I’m not sure the exact amount. He loves garlic.)
1 few tbsp pine nuts
olive oil
lime juice

Put the first bag of greens in the food processor, and drizzle with olive oil to stamp down a bit. Blend on low until reduced in size. Sprinkle a ring of salt around, add the garlic, and the bunch of cilantro, stems and all. Swirl in some lime juice. Blend again until the stems are broken up. You will need to stop and stir occasionally. Add the second bag of mixed greens, drizzle more oil, and blend until everything is chopped and pesto-like.

This made about 2 cups worth. I hope he likes it, because at the rate he buys and disregards mixed greens, he will probably have a lot of it in his future.


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