How to glaze anything

19 Mar


Tonight for dinner, I served kimchi fried rice with collards mixed in. I had a fridge full or produce, though, so I decided to glaze some daikon to serve alongside. It helps to have a few go-to methods of dealing with stray vegetables so you don’t have to think so hard. When you are dealing with a strange vegetable you don’t know how to cook, just go to your standby method, whether it be frying it, roasting it, or, in this case, glazing it. The daikon was fast and delicious and we fought over the last piece.

Here’s the method that I used. It is a generic sweet, Asian glaze:

Cut your vegetable into bite sized pieces, preferably 1/4″ of an inch. A mandoline will make quick work of this. Heat two teaspoons of sesame oil in a pan and then cook the vegetables until until soft or even lightly browned on both sides. Sprinkle on a bit of sugar. I used about a teaspoon, but I wasn’t even working with a full daikon. Add a dash of mirin in to deglaze and stir. If you need more liquid to get up the crusty bits, add water or broth or some water leftover from boiling something else. Stir until there is not any liquid left other than the syrup clinging to the veggies. Add a dash of soy sauce here and there and stir some more. Taste for salt and serve.


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